Hi everyone! Just a little update on shipping: Witchcrafts is my part time baby as I do work full time and I'm out of the house 12 hours a day in the week, So I make post office runs once a week usually on Mondays/Tuesdays 🖤💀✌🏻

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Witchcrafts ships world wide! As we're based in the UK Witchcraft's uses the standard Royal Mail service. Shipping costs will be stated on the website when checking out, tracking can be arranged but will cost extra than what standard shipping is priced at. If wanting tracking please contact us first before ordering. 


Refunds involving commissions - a digital copy will be sent  a head of shipping time, meaning I will only be able to give a partial refund as the work has been done & sent. If for example your print has not turned up, please get in touch and another print can be sent out immediately. 

Returns can be made - all you need to do is get in contact with me and a returns address can be provided. Once the product reaches us back here a refund can be made! As for exchanges on certain circumstances a swap can be made. For either of these needs please drop an email at witchcraftsx@gmail.com

Please also email if there is anything wrong or the package is damanged.